10. Dec 2008

Solar machine shines through a design award

Category: Photovoltaics


Bürkle receives the international IF product design Award for their Ypsator(R).

The Design Forum awards the multi-opening laminator with the iF product design award 2009.

After Robert Bürkle GmbH has received the design award of Baden-Württemberg, the experts for everything that is laminated and pressed will be internationally honored for the Ypsator(R) in 2009: The jury of the Hanover Design Forum considers the machine onto which solar modules are manufactured for the photovoltaic industry onto several openings, to be worth an award. The Ypsator(R) receives the designation in the category “industry and handicraft”. The product language of the Ypsator(R) was mainly praised. The yellow stands for the sun and it is rapidly clear that this is a line manufacturing solar modules. The structures and the panels with which the machine is covered symbolize the solar modules that are laminated with it. This tribute was possible as the managing director, Hans-Joachim Bender, has already recognized in the development stage of the machine that a strategic focusing is necessary in order to gain a foothold in the solar market segment. For being the first in the heads of the solar module manufacturers in the booming market of the solar energy, the Freudenstadt company followed a marketing strategy that is normally only known from the automobile sector: “We emotionalize the down-to-earth high-tech line”, says Bender. He invited expert knowledge into the company for pushing this concept. The industrial designer Jürgen R. Schmid from Ammerbuch who has won more than 80 design awards, among the same a lot of IF awards, developed the sunny yellow covering of the Ypsator(R). It not only shines through its signal color in each production hall, but also through its procedure.  The name developer Manfred Gotta was also recruited to push the marketing. The father of the made-up words Twingo and Cayenne developed the phantasy name "Ypsator(R) “. "With this term we are set on the first place of the lines for the solar module production in the solar sector“, says the managing director Bender. The following is fixed in the heads of the engineers: Ypsator(R) = Laminator for photovoltaic modules.

But a smart name and a good design are not enough for establishing a product as a brand within the shortest time.  Branding functions when press work and a presence on the trade shows are added. The Ypsator(R) was presented on all important meetings of the sector (as for ex. on the photovoltaic congress in Valencia) with a market penetration of one year and it gained around 80 publications, among others also expert magazines and international business papers.


The "iF product design award“ is awarded in 16 categories as for ex. for computers, furniture or buildings. The international jury gives awards in the sector “industry and handicraft”, machines, tools and test engineering. Criteria are the processing, material selection, environmental compatibility, ergonomics or brand value. In 2009 802 products of 2808 handed in works of 1025 companies of 39 countries received an iF Award. 90 awards were given to the product design category in which also the Ypsator(R) competed. Since 1953 the competition takes places every year.


Further information about our Ypsator(R) are available here.

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