07. Nov 2008

Inauguration of the Innovation Center

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Robert Bürkle GmbH relies on its location in Freudenstadt. The company inaugurated the new innovation center together with numerous guests.

Thermoform presses, digital printing machines and a pilot line for the photovoltaic industry – more than 130 guests gazed at the Bürkle technology in the new innovation center and could see how moulded wooden fronts, imprinted parquet floorboards and precisely structured solar modules are manufactured.

2,5 million Euros were invested at the headquarters in Freudenstadt by the specialists for presses and lamination for erecting a hall of 1000 m^2. There customers from the USA, Asia and the rest of the world should carry out tests for the manufacture of modern wood-based panels and solar modules. The company manager Hans-Joachim Bender emphasised during the inauguration ceremony that they have invested at the right location and in due course. “The building symbolises our wish to think forward and to maintain ourselves on the world market” underlines the managing director.

The disctrict administrator Peter Dombrowsky gave some appreciative words to the company management: "Bürkle gives a clear commitment to the location through the innovation center". The same was said by the Freudenstadt lord mayor Julian Osswald who recognises that Bürkle can invest at the location due to the fact that the company is active around the globe (with an export ration of more than 82 per cent) and thus generates orders also in uneasy times.

The head of the Industrial Chamber of Commerce, Achim Rummel, finished the praise with the thesis that “lighthouses” as the line constructor take over responsibility in times of an impending recession: "The economy not only consists of DAX-companies, but also of innovative medium-sized companies such as Bürkle", says the managing director. The futurologist Axel Liebetrau spoke about trends and economic cycles. He thinks that each crisis offers a potential for new ideas. He recommended to listen to the customers and to requirements from other business sectors when giving a hint for recognising tendencies.

The new innovation center in which Bürkle combines research and development is directly located next to the office wing that was erected on the factory premises in  Stuttgarter Strasse 123 in 2007. The wide glass pane front of the new building intentionally removes the distance between blue collars and white collars – between technicians and developers. “Research in the photovoltaic industry has cost us several million Euros in the meantime in order to remain the world market leader in this sector” says Bender. The company head is sure that this notion is communicated by the company and the managing partners through the innovation center.

Besides the investment in buildings and machines, Bürkle especially patronizes young talents: The training ratio of the machine constructor is currently with 13 per cent and exceeds the average of the metal and electronic industry (which was with 5,2 per cent in 2007) a lot.

A family day where the marriage partners and kids could "explore" the workplaces of their husbands and wives followed the official inauguration with guests from politics and the economy. The Formula 1 simulator and futuristic Seagway roller were more than entertaining.

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