07. Oct 2008

Clever Lacquering

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"Tag der Oberfl"ache 2008“ in Mehring (near Burghausen)

"Why are you actually here?” asked Helmut Mitsch the participants that had travelled to the "Tag der Oberfl"ache“ to Mehring near Burghausen. The master joiner from Austria says what his colleagues who lead small or medium factories with up to 100 staff members think. “In order to save costs considerably”, was the answer that the head of a factory with 65 staff members “yelled” into the seminar room of the host "Hasenkopf company”.


This is only possible when rethinking and reorganizing the lacquering process. Mitsch describes how the missing authorization nearly compelled him and his brother to give up their company:

20 years ago his joiner's workshop blew more than 7000 kg solvents into the environment. As this was not the “cup of tea” of the supervisory authority in the Austrian Spannberg, he bought a compact lacquering line (KA) of Bürkle. Lindner & Roznovsky company from Austria is thus the partner for the perfect surface from one source and has been servicing B"ohm company since then.


Due to the use of the KA, not only the solvent emission went under ten per cent, but also the lacquer consumption. At the same time, the quantity throughput rose, as the KA is designed to cure the UV lacquer via the UV unit immediately so that the joiner can promptly touch the workpiece and thus continue to process the same. It does not matter if the furniture parts have to be lacquered two or six times. Mitsch showed a calculation which indicated that he has been saving 82.000 Euro per year since then – compared to lacquering via a spraying unit. A considerable rate for saving the costs also comes from the new cross sanding unit of Ernst company.


The 45 joiners who came to Bavaria wanted to get an idea of the fact how and if the Austrian engineer was right. Bernd Jochims presented the same willingly. The area sales manager of Bürkle showed a calculation indicating the amortization of the offered KA within one year. Compared to the manual lacquer application via a spray gun, and drying rack, the used lacquer quantity is thus reduced by 90 per cent. In order to reach a comparable surface, approx. 40 g lacquer per m^2 have to be used with the UV lacquering - whereas approx. 250g/m^2 are required with the sprayed PU lacquer. When also calculating the lacquer loss from the spray gun to the surface, the required amount rises up to 500g/m^2. Together with the other advantages of the UV lacquering as the possibility of the immediate further processibility of the workpieces, no solvent emissions, etc. , the amortization time of the KA is very short.


The visitors had a sharp look onto the Hasenkopf joinery in order to see whether this calculation added up. The practical test with a line consisting of an Ernst sanding machine and a Bürkle compact lacquering line convinced the wood experts: the small KA of 2,80 and 1,50 m can circulate flat workpieces of 3 to 80 mm with feeds of 4 to 12 m/min (1 UV lamp) resp. . 8 to 25 m/min

(2 UV lamps). All advantages of the modern lacquering technology are thus useable with hardly any space requirement. Moreover Markus Lind"orfer of Paul Ernst company explained why a good sanding means almost lacquered: An air cushion ensures a regularly sanded surface with the sanding machines of the manufacturer from Eschelbronn. This saves additional work steps and lacquering steps and thus costs.


Heinrich Helm from Votteler, Korntal-Münchingen, summarized the advantages of the UV roller lacquering: The high compatibility for human beings, the environment and material makes this technique a future technology, especially for small or medium companies.


Patrick Ade of Bürkle was the last referee of the day and reported on the machine technology of the KA and on the novelties and trends in the UV lacquering.


All in all, the "Tag der Oberfl"ache“ was a very interesting event for the visitors - coupled with many discussions - and everybody was able to take home many new impressions for himself and for his company.

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