06. Feb 2013

Swiss door manufacturer RWD Schlatter invests in new Bürkle press line

Category: Wood-based panels


Company RWD Schlatter - a well-known Swiss object door manufacturer, member of the AFG group - continues to expand.

The object door manufacturer that is only specialized in a client-specific production expands its capacity to totally 100.000 door elements per year. The production surface in Roggwil situated at the lake of constance will be expanded by 3'000 square metres.
The construction works are going ahead.

Related to this expansion RWD Schlatter decided to invest in a highly-automated and flexible door lay-up and press line from Bürkle. 

The core of the fully automated processing line for lot size 1 are two presses of the Optima series with 2x2 daylights each.

Several raw materials as for example inlays and top layers as well as stiles and rails are automatically passed and are processed order by order to the lay-up area and are packed accordingly.


A high-performance data connection to the production control is a precondition for the largest possible flexibility that is required.

At the same time a separate single-daylight throughfeed press ODW is installed for special "oversize" doors. For doing so, RWD Schlatter is ready for all possible customer requirements without blocking the main line with these special parts.

After a planning and project phase of 18 months, the line components are being produced at the Bürkle headquarters in Freudenstadt and in the branch Rietberg-Mastholte and will be  delivered, installed and commissioned in Roggwil. This is carried out in parallel to the completion of the building between spring and winter 2013 step by step.

For this reason RWD Schlatter invests in Bürkle lines for the second time.

Schlatter has already been working with a Bürkle optima press line for about 10 years.

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