26. Apr 2013

Hans-Joachim Bender, managing director of Robert Bürkle GmbH, retired

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After 20 years as managing director of Robert Bürkle GmbH, Hans-Joachim Bender stepped back from his position as managing director of the medium-sized company on 31st March 2013.

However, the engineer remains managing partner of the group of companies. 69-year old Mr. Bender will, however, consult the new management, resp. the company spokesman Renato Luck until the end of the year.
In addition, Mr. Bender, domiciled in Karlsruhe, will keep positions in the VDMA wood processing machines association, in the association of the metal and electrical industry “Südwestmetall” as well as in the plenary meeting of the International Chamber of Commerce IHK Northern Black forest for the moment.
Since 1993 Mr. Bender (who was born in Hanau) has been managing director of the company and since 1997 he has been copartner and spokesman of Robert Bürkle GmbH. Four years ago, Bender was awarded the national economy medal for his entrepreneurial and professional achievements. At the moment the line manufacturer from the Black Forest is on diversification. Besides the traditional sectors such as the wood and electronic industry, Bürkle strives for market leadership such as in photovoltaics. Bender is regarded as inventor of this business philosophy.
During his era, the machine manufacturer transmitted the core competences such as pressing, laminating and coating to different application methods.
Today, Bürkle lines finally produces wood-based panels, solar modules, credit cards, circuit boards, moulded fibre parts and insulation boards.
In addition, Bürkle, Freudenstadt, has invested in a series of large processing centres and has built assembly halls, technical buildings and an innovation centre in the last 20 years.
Moreover, the Freudenstadt company took over companies like Wild in Rietberg and Junker in Paderborn. Finally, the medium-sized company founded Bürkle Shanghai and Bürkle Hangzhou. In the 60's Mr. Bender studied machine engineering at the technical university in Karlsruhe. First he worked as economization engineer at company Degussa (today Evonik) in Frankfurt. In the 70's he had other positions in the chemistry company in Dossenheim and Schw"abisch Gmünd. Mr. Bender was factory manager and commissioned among others several productions. In 1976 Bender worked with the Badische Maschinenfabrik Durlach GmbH (BMD) in Karlsruhe where he managed and expanded different business sectors. In 1989 he was appointed sole BMD managing director and was responsible for a turnover of 60 million Euros and 500 employees. In 1993 the passionate car fan, skier and sailor joined to Robert Bürkle GmbH.

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