21. Mar 2011

Bürkle aims at growing again

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The brand “ROBERT B"URKLE GmbH” is synonymous for high quality and reliability, which are just two of the key factors why customers choose B"URKLE as their preferred equipment supplier. Other factors include repeatability, support and, of course investment cost. As a global operation B"URKLE has of five (5) manufacturing sites 100% owned and managed by B"URKLE Headquarters in Freudenstadt Germany.

Despite the worldwide economic downturn in 2009, ROBERT B"URKLE GmbH is quickly approaching the sales record of 115 million set in 2008. In the past business year, B"URKLE achieved a turnover in excess of 90 million Euros, an increase of more than 40% compared to the previous year. Company Director and majority shareholder Hans-Joachim Bender stated; ”we are forecasting a significant growth across all business units in 2011 and continuing our success of 2010”.

B"URKLE GmbH a global leader in pressing, lamination and coating technologies have 4 key business divisions. “Business Unit
Surfaces, division responsible for woodworking, glass, automotive and graphical industry was the mainstay of sales in 2010 with a turnover of 37 million Euros, followed by the Photovoltaics division with a turnover of 34 million Euros and with a collective turnover of 17,5 million Euro the Printed Circuit Board and Plastic Card Division and finally the subsidiary Fiber Engineering GmbH in Karlsruhe contributed 1,5 million Euros to the sales volume. The Fiber Engineering division develops specialist technologies for the automotive industry producing environmental-friendly interior parts made of natural fibres.

The key growth is expected in the P
hotovoltaic division for 2011. Established just four years ago, B"URKLE has pioneered the development of multi-opening and coating technologies which has catapulted B"URKLE to the position of market leader providing both individual systems and turnkey solutions for the production of thin films and crystalline types of solar panels.

Due to the global downturn and reduced demand for parquet flooring and other laminated wood products the Unit Surfaces division has expanded its product range with systems for profiling of EPS and XPS insulation boards.

A significant highlight of 2010 was achieved by the Plastic Card/Printed Circuit Board division which reported an exceptional increase in sales of both individual systems and turnkey installations, including several sites for the production of contactless inlays/pre-lams and a complete manufacturing site for the Mexican Government National ID Card.

In 2008, B"URKLE opened their Innovation Centre; a 1000 sq. m centre of excellence providing the opportunity to research into new technologies and production technologies for B"URKLE customers, partners and in cooperation with their customers powering innovation for the future. 

The number of employees is planned to raise slightly in 2011. Currently 467 people are working in Freudenstadt and Mastholte. The apprentice rate at Bürkle is with 13% one of the highest in Germany.
The B"URKLE Group has additional factories in Paderborn, Germany and Shanghai and Hangzhou, China as well as distribution and service companies in USA, Hong Kong, Poland, Slovakia, Taiwan and Brazil employs an additional 255 persons

The basis of B"URKLE’s success is investment and innovation which is vital to achieve and sustain the growth target for 2011. With this in mind Buerkle will invest again over five million Euros in research and development.

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